Bus stop bus

Put my hand out to stop Wait here with the other stoppers Bus stop bus stop See the sights buildings roads Bridges sky and trees Bus stop bus stop Hear the sounds Fan bus tannoy rattle and tree claws Bus stop bus stop Wrap up warm stand at the bus stop Take to the top…


I was brought up here two to nineteen back here many times I have not been some sadness it holds for me to escape seemed best for me I left behind all I knew the price for a life free Haverfordwest it’s nice don’t get me wrong but tangled memories for me felt too strong…

Furry teeth

I hear you cough, cough far off do you have a cold or the flu far off cough, cough the bins you rip far off hungry are you looking for a snack, a treat below my window sil my bin ripped your cough, cough, not so far off but then suddenly gone and the morning…

To and fro

Where do these people go everyday by bus, taxi, car and van like me for a trip, to meet friends and family to and fro to work the hospital or shops a motorway is an efficient way to the place we stay


There once was a man from Cardiff town, not born but chosen Friends and hopes were made there He discovered a love and passion there Cardiff acceptable, accessible, capital, earth roots Grassroots, down to earth, nation of the earth Nature, farming, not so far away To walk, drive and be quiet On a hill by…


I like the bus, its less of a fuss quite cheap and more friendly for the peop I like the bus it feels interesting and diverse to roll along with all the motors from town to town


From here to there from home to abroad mainly to not be bored if home is where the heart is, my body is my country set firmly in my chest, upon two legs, wheels and wings with my mind in tow