Updated: 09 December 2017

Welcome to Swatt Art, here you’ll find my murals abstract drawings and paintings, recently I have been focused on learning sewing, electronics and 3D printing, allowing my experience with these to grow, combine and possibly become integrated into my art practice, trying, doing, experiencing opens up new pathways, which otherwise perhaps cannot be planned or imagined.

So far my work has mainly been a linking of creative events, one mark, inspires the next, to “do” as the primary focus, above concepts or design in my works, at each level of creative mark making a decision is made, so effectively I edit my work after it’s done, to allow more to happen, to stop or discard.

I teach art to Chinese children in Beijing, this is also part of my creative process, to share, see how other people interpret and experience materials, concepts and the making process, this informs how I do, how I create, and is a large part of my reason for making.

To help others freely connect with their own creative expression, to use judgment and expectations to help the creative process of all, not to block it.

Thanks for reading, Sam.