A catch up, Camino de Santiago animation!

This is a project I started in the UK, we completed a lot of post-production work but finished before production began. I feel strongly about this project and really want to complete it, as I’m sure others would also like to see this happen.

With the support of my UK friends and here in Vietnam I am confident this can and will get made.

Here are some working images of what has already been done for this project, I will post the script and animatic soon.

The building of these puppets was a lot of work and after a few tests proved too much work to maintain and repair throughout the animation process, so these will be redesigned and built for a more efficient work flow.

At the bottom you’ll see a stop motion test.


2 thoughts on “A catch up, Camino de Santiago animation!

    • Thanks mate, that clip isn’t how it will finally look though, just way too much to do with making animation that way, this project has been in the works for too long, many other things in the queue

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