I am leaving Saigon for a few months and have lots of art materials to use up, from my own practice and from art classes, so lots of experimenting and fun ahead. The next two weeks will bring some new insights about materials I hope, playing and freely making without worrying about wasting materials allows new things to be revealed. I believe this is an important part of art practice, freedom of expression, for a long time I resisted making art because I didn’t really enjoy it, the reason being, I believe, was that I was fearful of failure and the cost of materials, but now I know we have to fail to succeed, we have to take risks with materials and our time to discover and create new things, and ultimately to enjoy the process, so here’s to making a mess, wasting and moving forward:

permanent marker ink (this really stank and made me feel woozy and stomach not good avoid prolonged exposure in future, oil, acrylic paint).


marker ink

It was interesting exploring permanent marker ink, as it behaves quite differently from normal ink, drying very quickly.


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