Mickey remix

I just spent two days doing workshops at a Children’s book fair in Beijing, we were painting large Mickey Mouse heads, of course I didn’t paint normal Mickeys.

Acrylic paint and newspaper, on plaster.

Acrylic brushed and scraped.

Dripped acrylic paint on plaster.


4 thoughts on “Mickey remix

  1. Harmless enjoyed it……..hope to see more….just had a article called,”My life as an artIst”he echoes your very own feelings and you would relate to it i reckon…….also I looked up ego ….found several helpful things to think about ….humility isn’t always so easy to attain…….helps in haveing peaceful relations with others though…I just think it’s all too overwhelming to take in everything at once..and I am kinda keen for everyone to enjoy the wisdom that comes from above …..that clears our thoughts to see the overall pitchure….anominously yours sweetheartxxxxx♿️.🕶😴😎🐹


    • Wisdom is already within, we are connected to the universe because we are the universe, our bodies are full of atoms which are basically empty space, spinning neurone, science, we are just energy, is just our imagination which creates a world of stuff, of language and word labels, these things are all good in a world and society based on words and material things, but at the end of the day nothing will be here soon enough, we do live forever, energy never disappears it is simply moved on


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