Abstract wall art, Beijing, China.

Aerosol spray paint, brush, stencils, masking tape and cut canvas.

These are on the walls around the building where I live, at a school in Beijing, I have been adding to them over the past month or so, finally I added white to create a boarder, some space and openness.

As I am getting more used to the bigger scale and larger surface area, as well as the different paint and collage application methods, it is becoming easier to cross between sketchbook and wall.

It is interesting how as a visual idea, allows itself to be transferred, as I create muscle memory and neuronal connections, making two quite opposite extreme methods of image making, the secluded, comfortable sketch book, at home or in a cafe, with the unlimited methods of collage and mark making possible, private creation, indoors vs the other end of the scale, outdoors, public (actually only the most recent work has been done during daylight hours) working with the limitations of scaling things up, the images are not copied, just the ways of making marks, layering, the composition and final visual destination, also the time left between each layer of marks and collage elements.

I have also been working on a large mural, close by, actually I see it out of my kitchen window, which works perfectly, as I like to keep an eye on works between each layer, I will blog that one soon.

Thanks for reading and see you soon.



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