There once was a man from Cardiff town, not born but chosen

Friends and hopes were made there

He discovered a love and passion there

Cardiff acceptable, accessible, capital, earth roots

Grassroots, down to earth, nation of the earth

Nature, farming, not so far away

To walk, drive and be quiet

On a hill by the sea

Water, sand, stone and dirt

I wish to take a boat, to see the gulls

To be quiet, in the roaring death dealing sea

I’m silenced by its awesome mighty peace

To swallow me within its life giving and taking swirling mass

I’m connected to the universe through this ever morphing body

As much a part of me as not

One day I will return to my home, the Viking the Roman the 80% of me

The earth, sea and sky, the same difference

But for now my task is to mingle

With the other groups of atoms

Category on category, enable me to think I’m explaining to you.


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