My name is Sam Watterson, I’m from the UK and currently live in Bangkok, I’ve been living, making art and teaching in Asia for 5 years. I practice meditation and find this is very helpful for my creativity, my art process itself involves focusing on my feeling and intuition.

At the moment I am making collage murals, this started a few months back because I was doing collages with my students. I begin by creating lots of drawings, and paintings, abstract and objective, next I cut them up, looking for interesting shapes, then I combine them on a wall, adding and building up a composition feeling for balance and aesthetic, finally I add paint to unify the collage, using simple lines, to more complicated graphical elements to frame and create a unity between the different elements of each mural.

I also love to paint abstracts by process, this means my focus is on the making and less on the final piece, until I arrive at the end, I keep adding to it and removing until I feel it’s the right time to stop, experimenting with different colours, techniques and tools. I work mainly with acrylic paint, but sometimes I work with different materials, to see my work go to my acrylic page, if your interested in buying a painting please get in contact for a catalog of my work for sale.

I love to teach art, I will introduce students to a variety of materials and techniques, depending on their learning preferences, I teach them new skills and subjects, experimentation and improvisation, I want students to create something which they have imagined, I want them to enjoy the process and then to continue when they go home and into the future, to discover and express their creative voices.

All of my Art Classes are listed on my Facebook events page, they take place in Ho Chi Minh city, for kids and adults, I am planning to start more classes on different days and in different locations in the city, so please get in touch if your interested in having one near your home or work.