Updated: 09 December 2017

My name is Sam Watterson, I’m from the UK and currently live in Beijing, China, I’ve been living, making art and teaching in Asia for 5 years, my teaching experience includes English Language, ICT and Art.

I was born on a British island called Guernsey, moved to live in Wales, UK at the age of 2, then spent 18 years growing up and enjoying the beauty and friendly life of Pembrokeshire, Wales, whilst training as a window fitter, working as a milkman and studying art at college.

At the age of 20 I moved to Reading, England to find more interesting work, but ended up working as a milkman, factory worker and finally self employed as a window cleaner.

After 2 years I headed back to the capital of Wales, Cardiff, where I lived for around 10 years, working in design and education, and studying design.

At the age of 30 I moved to London, where I spent 5 years exploring animation and supported myself by working part-time at a university, where I also studied.

4 years ago, whilst living in Saigon, Vietnam I realised that I needed to focus on handmade art, after a long time focused on digital creation tools, I saw that I was limiting myself, so I began painting, I banned myself from creating on a computer and opened myself to all possibilities and simply started exploring marks and expression, meditation enabled me to free myself from inhibitions that had previously stopped me from doing this.

Now I allow myself to use digital creation methods, but they are simply tools, a way to manipulate, share or express the handmade abilities I have developed, though I am excited to now accept and utilize digital tools, even as a starting point, too hand make in the digital environment, but in as simple way as possible to allow for a freedom of movement, mark making and connection with my intuition, in other words as long as technology provides a direct way of creating, perhaps to do without needing to work things out each time.

Thanks for reading, please take a look at my work, Sam.