Sitting quietly we do not understand me and you I do not understand you and you me uncomfortable moments at first voiceless interaction who needs a voice when eating tiring not knowing still upper lip and what not


I like peace and quiet some people like to disturb it it’s ok now and then but why would I seek the opposite of what I want this is why I walk away until I disturb myself then where


To be British Home of the world The world is my home everyone welcome together on this isle seeing all our colours makes me smile


Beautiful British your home my home Indian African Chinese Polish Russian Welsh English united in this British Kingdom so many memories world wide mix and influence Britain

Cardiff Sky

Your grey sky rarely breaks should I glum every day from your hum drum patter on my cranium I can smile at the fresh air and green coziness of this subdued and relaxed heaven sent, day by day by month by year for my mood to be continually high appreciation of my thoughts and moods…

Sherry the tyre hungry dog

Once upon a time there was a dog, a little dog called Sherry, she loved to run and chase the wheels of cars, bicycles and especially buses. She’d bark, bite and wag her tail furiously in immense pleasure, as she darted back and forth in this joyous game, even though victory never came. Oblivious to…