To be British Home of the world The world is my home everyone welcome together on this isle seeing all our colours makes me smile


Walking walking looking for the bus cannot find one which way which way one way is the only way there it’s cold on my hands but I let them be cold feel the sensation of cold cold hands is a normal thing slow hands like slugs creeping and delayed I write and its hard my…

White on black on white

Cat hair I see you there White on black From a black and white I know your everywhere Chalk on board I like to take them one by one Let them float away Plenty more where they came from Copyright Garvey Harris

Out and about

Underground overground national rail dock lands light railway Taking us whichever whatever This way that way anyway almost Bicycle foot taxi skates board On our way here or there Exactly and slowely Slow fast stop go past Arrival at long last Are we there yet not yet pet If not on time a delay Night…


Beware beware death should not be spoken of here it does not exist this end of it we must not persist to mention it someone called the police they were on the hunt for a man who had jumped beware beware death of it do not speak is it so bleak I have more fear…