Face to face

I have been teaching in Asia, for the last 4 years.

My classes often focus on the process of making, and I like to work in a flexible way, mindfully, with the aim of creating an environment which supports student learning. I provide regular encouragement, aim to be patient, to have the right resources at hand and lead by example, trying to help students achieve creatively in a calm environment and to express themselves.

As a native English speaker this is a major component in my classes, as students are required to communicate with me in English, this is a great opportunity for them to practice communicating and do something creative.

The subjects I teach include, but are not limited to:


Stop-motion animation is fun and easy way to begin making animation, using clay and a smart phone, we create characters, capture frames and create a short animated film, giving students a good first idea of the animation process.

Abstract Painting

I love to paint abstracts, it is fun to connect students with this expressive, experimental way of making art, learning to let go of rules and expectations and simply being with the making process.


I also like to teach classes where we make working models, using recycled materials, which is a great way to develop motor skills, construction skills and an appreciation for the materials we discard everyday. Projects include, sailing and rubber band powered boats, parachutes and there are many other possibilities.