Face to face

I have been teaching in Asia, including China, Vietnam and now Thailand, for the last 4 years, since March 2013.

I love to make art and share traditional/new techniques and discoveries with my students.

My classes often focus on the process of making, and I like to work in an adaptable way, mindfully with the aim to create an environment which supports student learning, so I provide regular encouragement, aim to be patient have the right resources at hand and lead by example, to help students achieve creatively in a calm environment  and to express themselves with support as needed.

I work with all age groups, from kindergarten to adult.

As a native English speaker this is a major component in my classes, as student are required to communicate with me in English, this is a great opportunity for them to practice and do something with their hands. I have taught English previously, so have a good awareness of English teaching, and I work to make sure students regularly have the opportunity to learn and use relevant language for the tasks we do.

The subjects I teach include, but are not limited to:


Stop motion is fun and easy way to begin making animation, using clay and a smart phone we can quickly create characters capture frames and create a short animated film, giving students a good idea of the animation process.


Abstract Painting

I love to paint abstracts, and it is fun to connect students with this expressive experimental way of making art, letting go of rule and expectations and simply being with the art process, seeing what happens and moving forward, allow the intuition to decide what to do next.


Paper Cut

Paper cut is an interesting way to work with paper, it allows us to edit and layer images and colours in a distinct way, within this type of class I include collage and pop-ups and often combine different disciplines, allowing students to freely express themselves and discover original ways of creating art.